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tv   [untitled]    February 20, 2011 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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it was peter's father. alan smith was an amazing jazz musician and educator who helped to break the color barrier in san francisco nightclubs, particularly in my district. he passed away very recently, literally about a week and a half ago, and i want to extend my condolences to the family. allen arrived in san francisco in 1946 and attended san francisco state on the gi bill.
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he played with a stunning list of jazz giants such as duke ellington, quincy jones, bennie goodman, as well as elephants jerrold, frank sinatra, and sammy davis jr.. he was one of the musicians at the cotton club which was the first desegregated club. he was one the and -- of the artists to help to end nightclub segregation. he was a school district for many years until he became the principal of the school. after retiring from education,
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he performed regularly with local artists. he was a friend to teachers and a mentor. before i asked his son to play a selection of his music. this is from the alan smith court that -- quartet. ♪
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♪ >> thank you. with that, i am proud to present this commendation to alan smith
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for his outstanding contribution to san francisco as music, the arts, and the young people. [applause] >> thank you. on behalf of the entire family, i would like to express how honored we are that you have chosen alan smith for this accommodation. rest in peace, alan smith, thank you. [applause]
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ha >> thank you. i have the honor of recognizing miss lee on the bridges from district two. -- leona bridges from district two. for those of you that don't know her, she was recently confirmed as one of the new directors of
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the san francisco mta. she received a b.a. in business administration from san francisco state university and -- she put herself through school working evenings at crocker bank in san francisco and became a managing director in the global index of barclays global investors. a client relationship manager, a community relations officer, and then -- she has not forgotten her undergraduate years and the foundation that gave her as she moved up the ladder of success. a love for education supports economically and educationally disadvantaged students.
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she stated she cares passionately about education and financial concerns eliminate many students from the process. this is a tool to offer assistance to the students in need. students might one day follow her path and they award $500 for an end to graduate or graduate -- for a graduate or undergraduate who demonstrates excellence. dr. bridges is a very active member and her community, participate in the feed the homeless program. she is part of the alumni council for golden gate university, part of the state university foundation, a trustee with the american baptist association, and -- in addition, she is involved
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with the naacp, the national council of negro women. i have had the pleasure of getting to know her only recently in the past few months in connection with the closing of my campaign in district two but she is an incredible man. we're proud to have you not only as a district two resident but also a member of the community as well. [applause] >> thank you, supervisor farrell. thank you for your words. thank you to the board of supervisors for recognizing black history month. to me, black history month is not a month but everyday in san francisco. san francisco is a very diverse city. i like it because we don't
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discriminate based on who you are or what you do. we do this because we are the city that is open to all that come here. i appreciate that. i feel strongly that san francisco is a place where anyone can come and feel free to live. the scholarship was very important to me, bested his could feel free to go to the university and obtained a great education. i am thrilled i can give back through the mta because it was you who confirmed my appointment and i thank you. i would like to recognize one of the oldest civil rights organization in this city which is the naacp which is led by dr. brown who continues to fight for injustice for all.
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as we continue it in san francisco, i would like to thank my church family, of the naacp, the city and county of san francisco, and i would like to thank my mom who is here and i would like to recognize her. can you please stand? [applause] my brother david bridges is here as well. to that end, i would like to thank you. i look forward to working with each of you as we look forward to making san francisco the best city in the u.s.
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>> dr. brown, president of the naacp is here. [applause] >> thank you.
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our final presentation will be offered by supervisor mar. >> i would like to ask my friend -- parker come forward. today on black history month, it is my honor to honor nino parker. he was born at kaiser hospital like my daughter was. he currently works for the san francisco pretrial diversion, day to day with a disadvantaged youth and our city. he believes that crime prevention, education programs, and community are better alternatives to incarceration.
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mr. parker brings a positive change to the neighborhood and works with the graffiti project to make our city clean air and more beautiful. they provide first-time misdemeanor offenders with nonviolent charges to have their cases dismissed by completing a program that he has run. it has become a model around the country. he is a tremendous debt. with a respect for your public service and nurturing and and powering young people, for a better future for the use, it is my honor to recognize your report as a leader and a warrior in our community.
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[applause] >> thank you very much. i would like to thank the board for the opportunity to be here. the one thing that i have going that many of the people that have been recognized today,, a lot of you supervisor's i have worked with in the past. i saw one of the new members out at the clean team on saturday. i have been doing a lot in san francisco. i have been about 10 years on the courts which are another form of quality of life crimes.
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i have been a member of the board since its exception -- since its inception. i spent about three years on the bicycle advisory board i was also a member of the human rights board. i have been here for 57 years. i appreciate this opportunity to be recognized.
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i have worked with many of you in the past and will continue to do so. we did things such as planting, community offense, we are not just simply dealing with graffiti. -- community events, we are not just simply doing -- i've worked with the mayor for 10 years. he has been a big inspiration and helping me to learn and lot of ways of keeping the city clean and clean.
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i did have one thing that i would like to ask the board. i mentioned this back in october of last year and a task to do with the announcements on the bus. i sought 8 gentlemen just last sunday holding his child there and i would like to see those front seats for the handicapped as well as the elderly. -- i saw a gentleman just last sunday. this is an honor of living in here all my life.
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there used to be a motorcycle club, we would go there to have picnics. i am proud of my father and some of the things he has done as well. i just want to thank you all. [applause] >> thank you and congratulations. on behalf of the entire board, i just want to express to regulations to all of the honorees for the tremendous contributions to have made to the broader san francisco
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community. i would like to thank all of the members of the african-american community who are here and all of you who have contributed so much to what our city is about and what makes us such a special city. why don't we proceed back to the business of the board today? if we could first go to our 4:00 special order. that this items 23-26. >> item 23 is a hearing for persons interested in the decision of the planning department at dated june 8th, 2009 about a project located on 795 forest street, and20 203 20,
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and 22 . >> the parties have requested a continuance, so i move to continue items 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 to that date. >> we have received information about a continuance to the 22nd of march. without objection, they will be continued. why don't we go back to -- my apologies, we need to take public comment on whether to continue. we need to rescind that vote. are there any members of the public that wish to speak to the
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motion to continue, if you came here to speak on this issue, and you will not be able to make a sense clearing, please so free to step up to the microphone. i have come to this chamber many times to speak and i have noticed that the president of the board of supervisors is not really maintain adequate control over the speaker is coming up to this podium. specifically, mr. abdullah who sits behind and continues to jump up here to the microphone on the first allowance a public comment. >> do you have anything in
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regards to this? >> i did want to comment on that. we were unnerved by so and so who speaks in a very almost antagonistic way. his tone and delivery prevented me from speaking about those issues. do you understand that? supervisor campos:-- president chiu: the you have any comments on the capital exemption? >> after the speaker came up a microphone, i lost my train of thought. president chiu: any other speakers on the motion to continue? with that, public comment is closed. any objection to a motion to continue? without objection, these items
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will be continued to march 22. if we can now go to general public comment. >> good afternoon, supervisors. ♪ i was just outside there, getting autographs with desmond of green bay packer frame i'm glad i came la da da da dah dah dah dah dah da dah me and mayor lee me and mayor lee i called the mayor i told him my plan to make the city the best it can ha nana na na na
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me and mayor lee gonna make the city the best i can na naa na na hey hey hey, good luck, mayor lee told him my plan the city is going to be the best you can come all over the land hey hey hey, me and mayor lee we will see ♪ [sung to the tuene of "me and bobby mcgee"] >> my name is eugene. there was a publisher printed in
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the union of soviet socialist republics, a first printing 1966, for the interrogation of chief for criminals general field marshal will come. in 1994, it became clear to me the war could no longer be won by military means. after him, goering and others gave this explanation on more than one occasion. there were other means, a political means. these channels for a connection between german americans and socialist organizations with a major international trust, including extended oil, general electric, and many others. connections are partly out of the control of the ss/ standard oil is not exxon mobil.
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it is at the san francisco main public library. sun mobil is a capital commodity speculation market. the chair person of the board of general electric is now, as selected by president obama, a chairperson to the government, counseling on jobs and compact device. jeffrey imick returned his position as chairperson of general electric. researched this at the san francisco main public library, february 3, 2011. this transparency in atmospheric particulate levels invites vibration. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors,
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members of the public. i would like to remind you of the program sesame street. it was one of those little puppets in there that lives in a trash can. he keeps popping up. i kind of associate that with the supervisor in front of me. i have noticed that he jumps up when people start talking about religion and judeo-christian values. progressive trash. i would like to talk to the supervisor without a heart. what gives the supervisor the right to come in here and jump off with that type of anarchy to not put her hand -- president chiu: i am not sure who you are referring to, but you must direct your comments to
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all of us, and not one supervisor in particular. that would be appreciated. >> members of the board of supervisors, and especially the president of the board of supervisors, who sits in front of me -- why are you not doing anything to hold members of this chamber accountable for their actions, as well as members of the public that come up here with completely the wrong type of energy when the speaking in this chamber? you have done nothing. you call that a progressive value? i have seen some of the people try to come into this chamber and talk, and leave because of the way you run this chamber, president prosecutor. we want to be able to speak. we want to be able to come in here. we want to be able to be heard. but you play some games. you want to put a muslim on it. we do not want someone to talk about stuff that does not know
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nothing about what is going on. ultimately, president of the board of supervisors, the devil is the confusion. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i wish to have my statements entered into the minutes of this meeting. my name is herbert weiner. i am a retired city employee, a san francisco native, and a member of the retirement system. negotiations are presently in motion for pension reform, which potentially impacts city retirees and active employees. significantly, no retirees have been present at these meetings, despite the fact that these negotiations will severely impact them. the board should be aware of this inequity. it is appropriate to address it.


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